Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Family Tree Maker 2010 released in UK

From Ancestry - the UK release of Family Tree Maker 2010., the UK’s No. 1 family history website, today announced the release of Family Tree Maker™ 2010, a new and improved version of the world's best-selling family history software.

Family Tree Maker 2010 provides users with the tools to build their family tree, record memories and organize family photos, stories, videos and audio clips, enabling them to both preserve and share the story of their ancestors.

The collection of family history records and powerful search features available on can also be fully utilized - without leaving Family Tree Maker. When connected to the Internet, Family Tree Maker 2010 automatically searches for historical records related to family members included the user's family tree. With a few clicks of the mouse, users with an subscription can view and import these historical records into their family tree.

This new software also provides unique ways for users to view their family history. For example, users can now track the migration paths of both an individual and their family through time by mapping event locations with Microsoft® Bing™ Maps. They can also view relationships between any two people in their family tree by using the improved relationship calculator, creating family books made from information and photos saved into their tree. International Commerce & Business Development Director Angela Wiseman comments: “In the last 20 years, Family Tree Maker has enabled people to explore and discover their family history online and then organise and preserve it using industry-leading software.

“Family Tree Maker 2010’s even richer storytelling and organizational tools can breathe new life into the family history research process.”

New Family Tree Maker 2010 Features

* The following new and improved features expand Family Tree Maker's capabilities:

* Improved integration with – easily down and uploadable family tree, including photos and stories, directly into Family Tree Maker 2010

* New and improved charts and reports – enables for a richer family story to be told, with improvements to charts and reports including a new timeline report, improved family group sheet and genealogy reports

* Better ways to organize photos and other media – easier and faster ways to add, link and categorize photos and files in bulk

* Photo Slideshows – slideshows can be created, exported and shared based on images included within the family tree

* Family books made from your tree – extracting the information within the family tree, a family book illustrating the user’s family history can now be created

* Standard source templates – the right record information can be cited with access to powerful sourcing tools which enables documentation and citation rating

* Robust relationship calculator – quickly calculates the relationships between any two people within the family tree

* Scanner support – photos can be added to the family tree directly from the scanner and organized into categories

* Extended family birthday calendars – easily creates and shares a calendar showing family birthdays and anniversaries

* Extensive geographical migrations – a person or family timeline with event locations can be viewed, with births, marriages, residences and death mapped geographically to show migration and paths tracked through time

* Improved performance – faster load times and quicker performance across the application

Avanquest is the official publisher of Family Tree Maker in the UK and has been representing in the retail channel since 2004.

Avanquest Sales Director Steve Powell comments: “Ancestry and Family Tree Maker are two world-leading brands in the genealogy arena and we’re delighted to be representing them for the new 2010 version.

“We’re confident that with this product, both Avanquest and our retail partners will enjoy great success and continue to deliver our customers the very best family tree software available.”

Family Tree Maker 2010 will be available to purchase online at starting at £39.14. The program is also set to be released in select retail stores.

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Eric James said...

Anyone intending to use this product should be forwarned to backup their data & files prior to installing FTM2010. This product already has built a reputation in the US for causing computer crashes, loss of data files, poor imports of data, & misfiled or re-filed data. Buyer beware on this product.

Chris Paton said...

Thanks Eric. I really hated FTM 2008, but thought they had sorted a lot of it out with FTM 2009. Sigh...! :)