Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Family and Local History Handbook 12

It's almost that time again folks - the release of the much anticipated Family and Local History Handbook 12...!

The book is the latest edition of one of the most useful British genealogical guides in print. At its core (more specifically, in its yellow pages section at the back!), the Family and Local History Handbook carries the essential genealogical directory for the UK and beyond, with details on all the key family history societies, archives, libraries and more that will ever be of use to your research - some 5000 contact details.

But the book provides much more than just phone listings and web addresses. The greater part of the volume carries articles from authors across the UK on various topics of interest to your family history. If you ever wanted to know about sources for Welsh genealogy, the family history of Stan Laurel, the Wiltshire Society of Apprentices, the General Strike of 1926, the history of the Weavers of Perth, hunger marches, army regimental numbers, how to search the papers of landed families in Ireland, the Women's Land Army, Scottish parish listings and so much more, this has to go tops on your Christmas card list for Santa (though rumour has it that he is so busy reading it that Christmas might actually be cancelled this year). There's murder, crime, charity, the power of the press, love and sex (i.e. in the Enlightenment!) - the full list of articles is available at www.genealogical.co.uk/flhh12.htm.

Packed with useful tips and stories from authors across the country, it is a book that you can read from cover to cover and dip into again and again and again.

Here's the better bit. The book is not officially being released until November 2009 - however, if you are at the National Family History Fair at Gateshead on September 12th, you can pick up your copy early at Stand 26! Priced at just £9.99, you can also order your copy in advance now at www.genealogical.co.uk. Get it now before the rush!

And don't forget that you can buy Volumes 1-10 on a new CD format as the Family and Local History Handbook Omnibus from the publisher, as well as Volume 11 in paperback format. Details again on the website.


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