Saturday, 8 August 2009

Derry records database soon to come online

The ScotFamTree forum has another useful story concerning database records for County Londonderry in Northern Ireland, which have been innaccessible for a time due to the closure of the Derry Genealogy Centre:

Derry Genealogy Centre, over a period of 20 years, created a database of over one million records, dating from 1642 to 1922, which were extracted from the major civil and church registers of County Derry and Inishowen, County Donegal. This database includes: pre-1922 civil birth and marriage registers; the early baptismal and marriage registers of 97 churches (38 Roman Catholic, 24 Church of Ireland and 35 Presbyterian); headstone inscriptions from 118 graveyards; and major census returns and census substitutes from 1663 through to 1901.

The 1901 census records for each member of the household: their name, age, religion, education (i.e. if they could read or write), occupation, marital status, county or city of birth (or country, if born outside Ireland) and if a speaker of Irish.

However, further details can only be viewed on Derry Genealogy Centre’s database (only indexes, not full details, are held on Derry Genealogy Database contains a partial transcription, detailing names and residences, of all people recorded in the 1901 census returns for the city and county of Derry.

Unfortunately Derry Genealogy Centre, and as a consequence its database, is currently closed (although you can still search the indexes at no charge at However, a proposal to resume the Derry genealogy service by Heritage and Museum Service of Derry City Council has recently been approved. This means that the birth, marriage and death database built up by Derry Genealogy Centre will soon be made available online on the website of the Irish Family History Foundation at

The full story is at

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