Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Ancestry's Members Connect service

From our friends at Ancestry.co.uk:

I’m pleased to announce that an exciting new feature called Member Connect is now live on Ancestry.co.uk.

Member Connect is a feature on Ancestry.co.uk that members discover and stay in touch with other members who also happen to be researching their ancestors.

Within your Ancestry Member Tree

If you have a family tree on Ancestry.co.uk you’ll find a tab on each of your ancestors’ profile pages called Member Connect. Within this area you can find others who also have your ancestor in their public family tree and you can then choose who to connect with. You then have the option of comparing your family tree with theirs, giving you the opportunity to update your tree if you learn something new about your ancestor. You will then be notified about the changes they make in their tree in the future.

When viewing historical records

When you are viewing the image from a historical record on the site there will be a Member Connect section about that record of your ancestor. It will show comments from other members about that record, as well as a list of people who have added corrections to the record (and a link to see those corrections). There will also be a list of any other members who have already saved a copy of that record on Ancestry.co.uk (to their public family tree, for example). Helpful links to related message boards will be listed along with other members researching a similar surname and location.

To watch a short video illustrating how Member Connect works, click


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