Sunday, 2 August 2009

Ancestry - Perthshire records update

Two years ago Ancestry digitised a series of records at the A.K. Bell Library in Perth. So far the only records to have been released on have been the Perth, Scotland Newspaper Index Cards 1809-1990 as held at the library. However, there is now some news on some of the other records.

The World Archives Project page on the site shows that some of the images that were digitised are now being indexed through this project. Amongst those records being currently tackled are:

Perthshire, Scotland, School Registers of Admission and Withdrawals, 1869-1901

This project is a transcription of school registers in the Perth area. The project difficulty is average as the registers are legible and neatly organized in preprinted columns. Only four fields will be keyed from the registers: name of the student; parent or guardian name; birth date; and, admission date.

Sample image at . Thisproject is currently 74% complete.

Perthshire, Scotland, Militia Survey, 1802

These images are of forms and letters sent to householders within the Burgh of Perth requiring them to list the name of every man in their house between the ages of 18 and 45 to determine eligibility for militia service. The difficulty of the project is set at average due to legibility, clarity of images, and number of fields to be keyed.

Sample image at . This project is currently 96% complete.

A complete list of the databases being tackled by the proects can be located at

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