Thursday, 16 July 2009

US Civil War Roll of Honour

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One of the largest and most complete Rolls of Honor for the US Civil War has been released by It is the first time that all 27 volumes have been made available online. continues with more data additions this month with over 276,000 Roll of Honor records for those soldiers who died in the defence of the Union during the American Civil War.

The "Names of the Soldiers Who Died in the Defence of the American Union - interred in the National Cemeteries" were recorded by the Quartermaster General's Office in 1866. In each case the original place of interment, the soldiers' name, rank, company, regiment, date of death, section of cemetery and the number of the grave are all detailed. In some instances the creed is provided together with a list simply referred to as "Unknowns"

Additional volumes refer to soldiers who died in prison pens - termed "Names of the Soldiers Who Died in the Defence of the American Union - Suffered martyrdom in the Prison Pens throughout the south". Again the soldiers name, rank, company, regiment, date and cause of death are provided.

The collection includes the Final Disposition, four additional volumes listing the original places of burial from which some of the bodies of Deceased Union Soldiers and Prisoners of War have been removed and the various National Cemeteries in which they were finally interred.

The collection together with 650 million historic records is available to search online to all members and visitors by way of an annual subscription of only US$50.00 or £30.00 at

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