Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Two new Scottish old photos websites

Two new websites from Alex Airlie may be of interest to those looking for old images from around Scotland, and particularly for all you Weegies out there!

The first is for those with family from across Scotland. The Vintage Scottish Images website at contains many old postcards and images, primarily from Glasgow, wth a great deal of historical information and comment on the city's history, including fascinating topics such as the Empire Exhibition of 1938. The site also contains pictures from other counties, currently hosting images from Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire for starters, and there is plenty more to come. The site is still under construction, but this is going to be a good companion site to the Virtual Mitchell website at, though with the added bonus of some history alongside the images!

The second site is Glasgow - The Second City of the Empire, located at, again on similar lines, though concentrating exclusively on Glasgow. Described as a pictorial meander through our great city, each image from Glasgow's history is annotated with a brief bit of background, and will therefore be a very usefl site to those trying to locate places within the city which may have impacted on their family story in some way.

Enjoy the views!

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