Monday, 20 July 2009

Tweet! More from Scottish Genealogy News and Events...

I've resisted it for ages, but having just read Nick Barratt's post from a few days ago about nearly being assaulted at one of his talks (!), I've finally been won over by Twitter!

Twitter is another way of communicating - each post can be made spontaneously from a phone at any time, and each message has to be less than 140 letters - or something like that! I've created a page at which you can sign up to or just browse, and will use this from time to time to make updates on the genealogy news front, but also just to throw some occasionally random thoughts your way. So if you tweet, or just want to know what is going on in the grand scheme of things, I may have some of the answers, though they may not be the right ones...

Whether it becomes a useful tool like the blog, or a vessel for verbal diarrhoea, time will tell!

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