Friday, 24 July 2009

Talking Scot update

It's now been over a fortnight since the Talking Scot website went down, and the latest news is that the site, which was being rebuilt at, is now once again back at, its original domain. Whilst the forum continues to remain temporarily offline, the Societies, Sources, Libraries, Registrar and Census pages are back up and running.

In answer to a question about whether readers will have to re-register when the forum returns, the TSAG has confirmed on the
Rootschat thread that they have adopted that this should not be necessary.

UPDATE 25th: Andrew Paterson from the TSAG has posted an update to the TS situation at Eastman's Online Genealogy Blog. In it he states the following additional info:

The size of the database meant that it was not just a case of uploading the most recent backup and going on as if nothing had ever happened. The database has had to be split into many pieces of the various tables that make up the forum and uploaded individually. This is taking time, but the forum will be back as normal as soon as that is complete.

and also:

We are taking this opportunity to upgrade to phpBB's latest forum software version and that too has its complications. We could not have stayed much longer with the old version as there was no longer any support for it from the and upgrading could become more difficult as the current version evolves away from the old style.

The full article is available by clicking here.

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