Sunday, 12 July 2009

Talking Scot update

A brief update on the progress of the currently in limbo Talking Scot forum. Any futher updates prior to full restoration will be announced on this thread as and when they are received.

The forum's new host server is closed for the weekend and as some technical issues have still to be resolved requiring its assistance, it looks like the site may be back online next week at some stage, though this depends on these issues being resolved successfully.

Once the site is back up and running, I'll make another announcement. In the meantime, the site's AG has adopted a thread on the Rootschat forum also providing updates - see;topicseen#new.

UPDATE (Mon 13th): the new temporary domain for the site will be - the home page currently shows the original front page from the previous site ( with the message ** SITE UNDER RECONSTRUCTION - PLEASE BE PATIENT **

UPDATE (Tue 14th): The site at is now partially active, with most non forum pages restored e.g. the societies page, the libraries page etc. The main forum section is still being restored.

UPDATE: (Sun 19th): One of the TS Administration Group members has announced on the Rootschat forum that TalkingScot's original domain name was returned to the TSAG on Friday 17th July. However, she has also announced that the team are having problems with their software recognising the backup that was made of the site prior to it going down. Andrew Paterson of the TSAG, who is doing the actual restoration work, confirmed to me a few days ago that it was his hopeful intention to use the address only temporarily, and to revert back to the .com address as soon as possible. The .com address is now showing as a holding page for TS, so it looks like this is in hand, with just the technical issues as outlined on Rootschat still to be resolved.

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