Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Talking Scot forum closes down?

I've just received an anonymous post on this blog, added to an old thread from March of last year, concerning the Talking Scot forum (, in which an anonymous poster has stated that the site has closed down. I've also heard from two separate sources that the host site for the forum just suddenly disappeared without warning. If I get confirmation on this, I will add it in due course.

In the meantime, for other useful forums with Scottish content, visit my earlier post at
Talking Scot forum offline.

UPDATE: The same poster (Andy) has also made a note on Dick Eastman's Genealogy blog at to the same effect.

The latest I am hearing is that it may be back up and running in a few days in a temporary format, though there are many issues to resolve, not least of which is the domain name which may or not be retrievable, and how much of the data has been backed up.

In the meantime, an archived version of Talking Scot, last saved in August 2007, is available at the Internet Archive, at . Whilst it won't have forum posings saved on it, there will still be a considerable amount of other information of use there. But TS in its current format now appears to be gone, so expect it to come back with a new host and look, if indeed it does come back.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: the following post from an administrator of TS was placed a few minutes ago on a completely unrelated thread on this blog, so I've moved it here instead where it may be better appreciated!

"The company who owned the server shut it down giving no prior warning to those whose sites were stored there, it seems. TS is not the only web site affected - there are several others leaving posts to the same effect on the web - it came as a surprise to everyone, not just TS. Efforts are currently being made to connect TalkingScot with the new server."

According to a Rootschat post by Andrew Paterson of the TSAG, a full back up of the site was made a week ago, so it is hoped that the information can be retrieved.

UPDATE (Fri 10th): The site is 'under construction'.

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Marilyn said...

TalkingScot members

We understand how stressful and nerve racking this past week has been for the members of TalkingScot. Believe me its been no picnic for our group, but we have picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, held our heads high and moved forward in a positive direction, leaving all of this negative experience behind us.

As soon as we’re ready to accept our membership back, we’ll post a message here as well as many of the other blogs listed in this thread.,392427.75.html

Please bear with us for a little while longer and we promise to be back up in tiptop shape, in the very near future.

Thank you for everyone’s positive feedback. We greatly appreciate your continued support and understanding during this time.

The video of “the bridge” was especially enjoyable!

TalkingScot Admin Group

Chris Paton said...

Thanks once again to Marilyn for an update.

The video of the bridge mentioned in this post refers to a forum post made on Rootschat by a poster called dajuk - see the Rootschat thread mentioned, there's a link on the fourth page.


Chris Paton said...

Sorry, should also add that Marilyn is one of the moderators at the TS site!