Friday, 24 July 2009

Highland Strathearn site goes online

Canadian based Peter McNaughton, originally born in Comrie, Perthshire, and author of "Comrie in the Distance Fair", has released a fascinating new website entitled Highland Strathearn at

The site, which is still under construction, provides a detailed history on various aspects of life and history from Upper Strathearn in Perthshire, and when completed will contain over fifty chapters on topics such as the history of the Lawers estate, and the Wars of Independence, as well as in depths histories of the area's many key families and clans, such as the McGregors, Drummonds, Stewarts, McLarens, Neishes and Murrays.

One of my ancestors was murdered in lower Strathearn about 150 years ago, and I've been having an interesting discussion with Peter about which end of Strathearn had the biggest rascals and vagabonds!

There is not a more detailed site on the web for the area - well worth a visit.

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