Monday, 20 July 2009

Genealogy software - top ten reviews

I've just been contacted by Brent Ropelato from the Top Ten Reviews website, with a link that may be of help to those contemplating the purchase of a family tree programme. It provides an onscreen comparison chart of some of the different functions within many of the genealogy software programmes on the market just now, such as FTM 2009, RootsMagic, Legacy, Family Historian etc. Well worth a look at

I should add that the reviews are the company's assessment, and don't necessarily reflect my own opinions! I think that Family Historian 4 is a better programme than FTM 2009, for example, and I would imagine these are American editions of the programmes being evaluated. However, it is packed with screengrabs, promotional vids for the programmes and more, so a neat one stop shop.

As for what I think of some of the programmes - I've just written a review article for one of the family history mags comparing some of them, and all will be revealed in due course...! :)

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