Thursday, 2 July 2009

Freshly shot haggis and family history...

Recently I researched the family history of the Paton family of Largs, a line unrelated to my own (which heralds from Perthshire), but an extremely well known name to many in Ayrshire, with the family having been involved in the butcher's trade in the town, and in neighbouring West Kilbride, since 1840.

The family have now created a new website for their business, which not only includes the research report that I gave to them last December, based on two days research, but many other old photos from the family's history over the last century and more. An old family tradition has it that the family are descended from the famous Covenanter Captain John Paton - sadly my research could only place them within three generations of the good captain, but it is still a fascinating history that includes suffragettes, bankruptcies, emigration and more.

I should also mention that Allan and his staff are extremely proud of their freshly shot haggis (lagopus idioticus rex), which is only available in season, sourced from the Highland parishes of Crathie and Braemar, and named by many as perhaps the best in Scotland. There is a page on this on the site also.

The website can be viewed at (And I recommend the haggis!)

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