Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Arcalife update

The Arcalife website has announced some enhancements to the site at

Dear Members,

Since the last Newsflash we have been adding lots of great new features and functions to the site.

Search large Family Tree databases. Besides searching Census and Vital records databases you can now also query the global family tree for any ancestors. Of course like any other results you find in your record searches, these can be directly added to the relevant life archive for an ancestor without copying or typing.

The photo moments galleries have been improved - we’ve provided larger book viewers for your photos as well as the addition of a rolodex style viewer to allow you to browse your family or ancestral photos more easily.

Share your archive via arcaLink's. At your request we have made sharing even easier by allowing you to share Profiles, Timelines and Life Cubes with non-members of arcalife – but only if they are made explicitly public by you in the privacy setting and only to the people that you decide to email the link to.

We have simplified making a Life Cube. So if you feel like giving it a try ; send the result to via an arcaLink and let us know how you got on. We’re giving away a free lifetime membership to the best one sent to us before the 1 August 2009.

As part of the production schedule to implement these changes, the site will be unavailable for a short while at 1 PM Standard Pacific Time today July 8th 2009. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience.

Thanks again for all your support.

The arcalife team

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