Thursday, 18 June 2009

More 19th Century British Library newspapers to come

In the last few minutes of the BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme this morning, Ed King from the British Library confirmed that more newspapers would be added to the British Library 19th Century Newspaper Collection, saying "we plan to load more during the course of this year".

The collection is available at , and has been available to the public for several weeks, despite the programme stating that they are being released this week (most likely due to an unpublicised soft launch). No further details were given as to what these additional titles might be, but the collection so far contains 43 newspapers, with some 2 million pages digitised.

The item can be heard by British listeners through the BBC iPlayer at . It appears within the last five minutes.

UPDATE: The Beeb has a story on the collection at

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Scott said...

Hi Chris,

Hopefully some more Scottish titles eh? Would love a nice searchable set of Fife Free Press papers online! When I was last at Colindale they did say they were still scanning stuff, and perhaps if this new venture works out financially, it will encourage them to scan even more?

Hoping you are well,


Chris Paton said...

Hi Scott,

Yes, I'd be well up for some more Scottish and Irish material!

Incidentally, indices to some Fife newspapers are available online at, along with indices for some Perth papers.