Friday, 19 June 2009

Famous Scots exhibition - Brian Cox?

The ScotlandsPeople team has issued a press release outlining the current state of affairs with regard to available records - included in the release is the following on the Famous Scots exhibition:

During the year of Homecoming Scotland 2009 we are exploring the family history of six well-known Scots in a series of six free Famous Scots exhibitions. After starting with Billy Connolly, we moved on to Nobel prize-winner Sir James Black. From the 25 May our attentions turned to rock singer and actress Shirley Manson.

Three more celebrated Scots will be featured through the year to December – their identities will be revealed in due course: the next is rumoured to be Emmy Award-winning actor Brian Cox.

I love the idea of press releases issuing rumours! For the record, this wee shuggy knows that Brian Cox is a veritable GOD in the acting world (Rob Roy and Hidden Agenda as two great performances), and he will be absolutely GUTTED if it isn't true...! :)

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