Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Family Historian 4

I've finally found a family tree programme that has weaned me away from Family Tree Maker 2006 - Family Historian 4, from Calico Pie.

I'm still playing around with it to see what it can do, but it is so user friendly it's unbelievable! It has all the functionailty of FTM 2006, takes up only a tenth of the hard drive that FTM 2009 takes up but offers similar features, and has some truly excellent charting capabilities.

The boxed set which I have also comes with 30 days free access to World Vital Records, so I'm looking forward to some fun there also!

A free downloadable 30 day trial of Family Historian 4 is available online at


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Pharmer said...

Don't forget to download the update if you are on the full version.

Chris Paton said...

Thanks Pharmer - this is available at www.family-historian.co.uk/downloads/index.htm, but don't install it for versions earlier than the current version 4.

I was up to 2.30am this morning playing with this programme! Luv it! :)

Alasdair said...

I agree Chris. I especially like the new Family Historian Project function and how it keeps all the multimedia with the gedcom file in use. Much less chance for broken links and is also helpful if you are often transferring the gedcom to other media or another computer.

Chris Paton said...

Indeed, it is the first project where I've ever actually bothered to put faces to each of the entries in my tree. A definite winner.