Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Royal Bank of Scotland Heritage website

If, like me, you are sorely tempted to equate the Royal Bank of Scotland to three simple words - Fred the Shred - then you may wish to have a look at a new website from the bank that offers a different, and considerably more welcome, perspective to one of Scotland's oldest institutions.

The RBS Heritage Online site at http://heritagearchives.rbs.com/ offers a background history to the many different banking organisations that are now part of the RBS, and advice on how to pursue aspects of your family history related to banking.

It is a bit embryonic just now, but could be a potentially very useful gateway to records that you may not have considered before.

Alison Tuton, Head of Group Archives has made the following appeal on how to develop the site further:

"We would also very much welcome your comments on RBS Heritage Online so that we can improve and develop it going forward. Information about any related archive collections which we have not listed, and of which we are therefore unaware, would also be much appreciated. You can contact me at alison.turton@rbs.co.uk."

Well worth a look, and hopefully other banks will follow suit.

(With thanks to Simon Fowler)


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