Monday, 18 May 2009

New Commonwealth War Graves Commission education resource

A new announcement from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission today unveiled its innovative online education resource and visitor guide, to help children and adults alike better understand the sacrifice made by millions of servicemen and women during the two world wars.

Following a widespread consultation process with teachers, visitors to will be able to access a wide range of fascinating first-hand accounts, films, guides, downloadable teachers’ notes and practical tips to bring history to life, all linked to keystages in the curriculum.

There’s plenty for the kids themselves too. One fun learning tool at is “Glory Days”, where your guide, football manager Boyce Dungood helps you uncover the stories of footballers who served, and features Arsenal and England striker Theo Walcott as he tours Runnymede cemetery with his grandfather who served in the RAF.

The Commission has also used the expertise of teachers who regularly take children on battlefield tours to help produce a practical guide. At learn about the places which inspired the war poets, use practical exercises which demonstrate the rate at which soldiers’ lives were lost. This resource teaches history and other subjects in an original and practical way and is pegged to keystages.

The two websites don’t shy away from the harsh realities of the horror of war, but give teachers advice on handling sensitive subjects, such as the stories of men shot for cowardice.

The Commission has also listened to those who feel school visits to cemeteries can sometimes result in behaviour which some find disrespectful. There are suggestions on how teachers can encourage responsible behaviour.

(With thanks to Simon Fowler)

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