Thursday, 14 May 2009

DIGROS access at ScotlandsPeople Centre

News of some updates to the service at the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh.

Six seats have have been made available in the Dundas room for anyone who wishes to use the old DIGROS (the Digital Imaging of the Genealogical Records of Scotland's people) system . The seat numbers generally to be made available will be seats D1, D2, D13, D18, D27 and D28. Once these are filled, no further seats will be released unless the day search places are full (in other words in an overflow capacity).

Until now, the DIGROS system has largely been maintained in the Dundas Room for the use of professional genealogists. It can only be used to search births, marriuages, deaths, OPR baptisms and marriages, and census records from 1841 to 1901. It has slightly different search field capabilities not found on the newer system, but the computers hosting DIGROS do not have access to all the extra material found on the newer stations available in the other rooms, including wills, heraldic records, library catalogue, access to external websites (including the IGI through FamilySearch, EDINA for the Statistical Accounts and the NAS catalogue) and more. From my experience, DIGROS seriously limits what you can research compared to the newer system, and as a working genealogist myself, I would actually recommend the newer system. But the option is there!

In addition to this, the new ScotlandsPeople computer system has also been enhanced so that a change of colour occurs when a name search is carried out. However, if a new search is started the system will clear itself and only the names for the new search will change colour.

Finally, a new seat booking system is now in place, which can locate a customer in any seat in the Reid Room or Matheson Dome.

(Many thanks to ScotlandsPeople for the update)

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