Saturday, 7 March 2009

RootsMagic version 4

As a dedicated fan of Family Tree Maker 2006 (though not 2008 or 2009!), I don't often find a family history programme that has the same flexibility or enough useful features to tempt me away from The Generation Network's product. However, I've just had a pleasant surprise in the form of RootsMagic version 4, from S&N Genealogy (

The programme is extremely easy to use, has all the necessary charting functions, source citation fields, narrative report functions and more. The platinum edition, worth £49.95 comes with many useful CDs, including Scottish Landowners 1872-73, Irish Landowners 1876, an Armory of England, Scotland & Ireland from 1894, and English and Welsh landowners from 1873. There is also a 90 day subscription to which is increasingly becoming more useful to those with Scots ancestry.

The product was launched at WDYTYA Live and should soon be available online from

Worth having a look!

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