Thursday, 5 February 2009

Teaghlach Wood - The Gathering 2009 initiative

The Gathering 2009 is aiming to help plant 10,000 trees to commemorate Scotland’s greatest ever international gathering of the clans. The Teaghlach Wood ('teaghlach' is Gaelic for 'family') is situated near the village of Comrie, in Perthshire, on the banks of the River Earn. The Wood aims to play its part in restoring Scotland’s landscape back to its traditional woodland state.

All of the trees planted will be traditional woodland varieties such as oak, birch, ash, beech and rowan. Buying a tree for the wood will not only bring traditional broadleaf species back to the heart of Scotland, but also regenerate wildlife habitats and combat climate change.

If you wish to have a tree planted, it will cost £10, for which you will receive a presentation certificate. To find out more, please log on to

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