Sunday, 1 February 2009

Suil Air - BBC Alba archive and history series

An interesting series is currently being transmitted on BBC Alba entitled Suil Air (An Eye On...). It is an archive based programme with each episode providing a Gaelic perspective on the news events of Britain a year at a time. I've just watched 'Suil Air 1985' on the BBC iPlayer which had a detailed account of the visit to Eriskay by the Prince and Princess of Wales after their marriage, the Gaelic news series 'Prosbaig' airing at the time and its coverage of the Tottenham riots, the miners' strike, and more. It's essentially a sort of Scottish Gaelic version of 'Scotland on Film', covering recent historic events alongside new interviews with many who were there at the time.

The series can be watched, along with additional Gaelic programmes, at The content is subtitled in English throughout.

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