Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ancestry reduces cost of 33 marker Y-DNA test

From Ancestry...

We are delighted to announce our Y-33 test has been reduced from $149 to only $79. Not only have we improved the price, we have been working hard at adding new features and improving the customer experience.

Anyone with DNA results can join the database for free and download their free report, find genetic cousins and learn about their ancient ancestry.

New Features:

Ancestry family tree integration - a new feature that allows a DNA participant to attach their DNA to the appropriate Paternal and Maternal lineages. Since DNA remains relatively unchanged when passed from generation to generation, when attached to a member’s tree, the DNA will be propagated up the paternal line (Y) and maternal line (mtDNA).

New User Interface - helps people understand their results and what they can do with them.

Fun facts - ever wonder what other R1b people liked to eat or watch on TV? Thanks to some multiple-choice questions displayed online for all DNA test users to answer, users can get a more in-depth knowledge of how they match with others in their haplogroup.

An article on how Ancestry's DNA test can assist with your family history research is available on the Scotland's Greatest Story website at . The service itself is accessible at

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