Friday, 20 February 2009

Ancestors issue 79 now on sale

The latest issue of Ancestors magazine is out and is a special dedicated to the 1911 English and Welsh census. You might think from a Scottish point of view that this is not relevant, but never mind the fact that many of our Scottish ancesors were also living in those countries, it was also Dundee based Brightsolid which digitised the returns at the National Archives at Kew! Penny Law has a fascinating account of exactly how they went about it - personally speaking, I find these documentary style articles as interesting as the findings we make within the hobby itself, and in this case, the process was a great deal more involved than simply shoving a book under a scanner.

Other articles include user guides to using the census, an account of how the census was actually carried out, useful supplementary sources for researching relatives around in 1911, First World War service records, and more.

There's all the regular features as well, including the news with a full synopsis for all the Who Do You Think You Are series, and the internet review column from yours truly.
Available at newsagents for just £3.99. I think they missed a trick here - they could have gone the whole hog with the 1911 thing and just charged a shilling! (God loves a trier...!)

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