Sunday, 25 January 2009

Robert Burns

It's 250 years ago today that Robert Burns was born in Ayrshire. Scots all over the world have celebrated the genius of Burns once a year ever since his death in July 1796, a man who is widely regarded by many as Scotland's national bard.

In 1915, when Scottish civilians were interned in Germany, a group of them formed a Burns Club at Ruhleben, sending a postcard to James Wills, the secretary of the Ayr Burns Club, with the lines "Here's a health frae them that's awa', Here's a health frae them that's awa'; And wha winna wish guid luck to our cause, may never guid luck be their fa'!" It seems that no matter where Scots are around the world, Burns provides people a way to once again reconnect to their Scottish roots. It is for this reason that the Homecoming Scotland celebrations officially launch today, marking a year long programme of activities to celebrate the best of Scottishness and the worldwide Scottish diaspora.

To find out more about the man, visit , and whatever you are up to today, have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

It is rumored that I am a descendant of Robert Burns. Where do I begun?

Chris Paton said...

Clearly you need to go on a haggis hunt! If you can wax lyrical in old Scots whilst being savaged by several small feral haggii on an Ayrshire hill, you can be certain of the connection!