Saturday, 24 January 2009

MAJOR Irish genealogy news - BMD indexes online

In what is rapidly becoming the best year yet for Irish genealogy on the net, the FamilySearch team in Utah have just uploaded indexes to the statutory registration records of Ireland, from 1845 to 1958.

Statutory marriages for Protestants on the Ireland commenced in 1845, whilst the registration of all births, marriages and deaths for the population commenced in 1864. At the moment the FamilySearch record Search Pilot site at;t=searchable;c=1408347 allows access to the indexes, but not to the digitised images of the index books, though this is clearly designed as something that will follow.

The release of these records online is the first time that this has happened, now making Irish research considerably more easy to do, and in line with its British counterparts. At present the site appears a bit sluggish, possibly because of demand.

(Many thanks to Deirdre on the Your Family Tree magazine forum for the update.)

UPDATE: Images from the original indexes can now be viewed, and also downloaded to your computer.

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ciara said...

Im confused... It says there are no images for that collection

Chris Paton said...

That's correct - only transcribed index information is now available. When this post was first written, images were temporarily available of the index images, but were withdrawn sharpish after a couple of days, reason unknown (but likely for copyright reasons). The transcription, however, which is completely the copyright of FamilySearch, remains online.

The index records for the Republic go to 1958, but for Northern Ireland to 1922 only, as following Partition that year a new index was created in the north.