Saturday, 3 January 2009

Digging Up Your Roots radio series - update

I recently posted the fact that a new series of Digging Up Your Roots will be commencing tomorrow on BBC Radio Scotland at 12.05pm. The producer has very kindly e-mailed me with more details on what to expect from this run.

The new series of Digging Up Your Roots begins at 1205 on Sunday January 4th and is offering on-air advice to anyone with a query on family research, as well as telling some amazing stories already uncovered by the amateur genealogists in the Digging Up Your Roots audience.

The first programme looks at migration to and from Scotland, and how to go about researching your family if their roots are overseas, or if they left our shores for a new life abroad.

Programme 2 (January 11th) looks at occupations, and at what the way in which our ancestors earned their living can tell us about the Scotland in which they lived.

Programme 3 (January 18th) looks at Scotland's rich and varied maritime heritage

Programme 4 (January 25th) will study Scotland's military past

Programme 5 (February 1st) digs into the intriguing backgrounds to our surnames and the clues they can give us to our family background

Programme 6 (February 8th) deals with crime and how it was punished in the Scotland of the past

Programme 7 (February 15th) - for Valentine's weekend, time to look at love and marriage

Programme 8 (February 22nd) - general advice on how to go about working on your own family tree and how to substantiate those stories passed down from parents and grandparents without any corroborating evidence!

Well worth listening in, and don't forget that each episode will be available on the BBC iPlayer after transmission. The series website is at

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