Friday, 12 December 2008

Tracing Your Scottish Family History book

"Tracing Your Scottish Family History" is a new book by Anthony Adolph, from the publisher Collins, retailing at £17.99. In parts it is extremely good, in other parts not so, but it is certainly a worthwhile addition to the library of any Scottish genealogist.

Its major strength is that it is probably the first Scottish genealogy book I have ever come across that does not assume that all Scots lived in the central belt, carrying as it does some extremely useful information on research for those who once lived in the Highlands and Islands. On the down side, there are some seriously irritating conventions used, such as referring to every county as Co. Perth and Co. Lanark all the time, instead of Perthshire and Lanarkshire etc, and it also has its fair degree of tartan, kilts and celebrity name dropping sprinkled throughout. That aside, it is an attractive book and a good effort for those starting off on their Scottish ancestry.

(A much fuller review by yours truly is available in issue 77 of Ancestors magazine, out now).


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