Wednesday, 10 December 2008

John Grenham and Cyndi Howell interviews

Roots Television is currently showing interviews with two giants of the genealogy world, John Grenham and Cyndi Howell.

John Grenham is an Irish genealogist, whose book Tracing Your Irish Ancestors is one of the key texts for those wishing to get a good grounding in the subject. In his interview, he comes across not only as throughouly knowledgeable in the subject, but also as what can only be described in Irish as 'dead on', a real gent. It was good to see he has shared the same exasperation as others with Ireland's long journey towards joining the rest of the genealogical community in the 21st Century, which is thankfully happening at long last, in no small part due to his own efforts in democratising the hobby in Ireland over the last few years. John's interview, about a quarter of an hour in length, is available at the following link: John Grenham .

Cyndi Howell is responsible for the Cyndi's List website, the definitive genealogical online directory, and is the kind of person you would so desperately want to have in your family history society. In her interview she gives an overview of the history of the site ( and how it can help you. She also makes it crystal clear that she will absolutely not do your research for you! Cyndi's interview is available at Cyndi Howell .

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