Friday, 5 December 2008

Deceased Online record prices reduced for December

A few months ago I announced the launch of a new website called Deceased Online (, which is digitising the burial and cremation records of various local authorities in the UK and Ireland. At present, the records available are limited to Kent and Sussex crematorium records and Tunbridge Wells Borough Cemetery. The organisers of the site are reducing the access cost for these from £2.50 to £1 for December, and the minimum purchase price from £7.50 to £3 for 30 credits. Credits life has also been extended to 120 days.

From a Scottish point of view, obviously if you have relatives in either the Kent, Sussex or Tunbridge Wells areas, the site is currently worth a visit, but do keep an eye on the site as it develops - the organiser has informed me that records from authorities in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland are currently being digitised and will be released over the next few months, in addition to many from participating authorities in the rest of Britain, including from local authorities in London.

The Deceased Online team will also be present at the Who Do You Think You Are LIVE show at the end of February in London.

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