Saturday, 20 December 2008

1911 English and Welsh census

Whilst Homecoming Scotland will be a year long hooley for every Scot to join in, there also another big party happening next year, which sadly Scotland will be missing out on until 2012.

Whilst the 1911 census for Ireland is slowly being released in the next few months, with Dublin already out, and Kerry, Antrim and Down released next week, the English and Welsh 1911 census is also being released, after a massive digitisation project from
FindmyPast, Scotland's People's sister organisation down south (with both companies owned by brightsolid).

For those who registered with the 1911 census website at , a beta version of the new website on which the records will be hosted has been available for the last couple of days, and only until mid next week, for a handful of counties only. Whilst a condition of access has been not to reveal the beta site's address, I can report that on first impressions, the site looks good, providing options to view transcripts of the results or the actual digitised images (slightly pricier). The main release is not far off, and will be well worth the wait.

Unfortunately, Scottish legislation is different to that covering the census releases down south and in Ireland, meaning that 1911 Scotland will not be released until 2012 - though I suppose it is always nice to have something to look forward to! However, if your Scottish ancestors were based elsewhere in the British Isles in 1911, then 2009 is going to be as big a year for your research as it will be for our English, Welsh and Irish neighbours.

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