Sunday, 23 November 2008

PRONI's eCATNI goes live in Belfast

Major news from Northern Ireland - the Public Register Office of Northern Ireland's electronic catalogue (eCATNI) has finally gone operational in Belfast, and is due to be launched online in January 2009. The following is the announcement from PRONI:

The Electronic Catalogue for Northern Ireland (eCATNI) went live in the PRONI Search Room on 10 November, 2008. This has been PRONI’s flagship project since 2002 and will enable users to perform searches and obtain instant results.

Over a million PRONI catalogue entries are now available electronically via eCATNI. This represents approximately sixty percent of PRONI’s catalogue entries. The remainder will be published in due course.

In January 2009, eCATNI will go live on the PRONI website. This will allow off-site visitors to consult our catalogues, bringing PRONI in line with other National and International archival institutions.

How this will affect you:

* Search the catalogues electronically by inputting a name, place or other keyword

* Search the catalogues electronically by date

* Order an item directly from the results screen (on-site only)

* On-screen messages reporting items that are off-site, closed or already ordered by another user (on-site only)

* Visitors will be issued with new passes and reader numbers

Three massive cheers for PRONI...!

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