Sunday, 23 November 2008

Practical Family History magazine (Dec 08) now on sale

Woah! What happened to Practical Family History magazine?! A sexy new revamp, guv, that's what...! The December 2008 issue (133), is now on sale, with the whole magazine having had a major facelift. Brighter, funkier and now permanently longer at 100 pages, it still remains the same magazine however, with the usual mix of fascinating articles and stories.

In this month's packed issue, there are articles on World War II service records, adoption research, canal and river people, costume history, the latest chronicles from 1650-1700 by the FFHS's very own Maggie Loughran, Christmas traditions from the past, Irish ancestors, and much more. Yours truly also contributes an article on why social history should matter for your research, and the very latest genealogical news in the UK.

Ridiculously brilliant and available at all festive news vendors for the extraordinarily gorgeous price of just £3.75...!


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