Friday, 28 November 2008

Family tree chart service

You have all your research and would now like to put it onto a large chart to display in your house, or to have one compiled as a present for a friend this Christmas. The problem is that a lot of charts that can be bought look absolutely horrendous and completely impersonal. So why not get one designed to suit your needs?

Christine Anne Welch is a professional graphic designer based in Birmingham who now specialises in custom designed trees through her service, Golden Memories. You can have your tree designed any way that you like, you can include any photos that might be relevant, and as the customer you will be consulted all the way in the design process. Christine did my tree about a year ago, and copies of it now hang on the wall in my own house and in my father's house in Crete (see pic, prior to it being hung up on the wall there!), providing a focal point for many conversations when visitors arrive!

To find out more, visit Christine's website at .


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