Thursday, 13 November 2008

Family History Monthly 164 on sale

Ding, dong, merrily on high....!

The Christmas issue of Family History Monthly (issue 164) is now on sale for your festive cheer. There are features on Christmas in the workhouse, window and hearth tax, bell makers, and the surname Reid, whilst yours truly has contributed the cover feature on medical records, looking at both how to find patients' records and those working within the medical profession. I've also written a special feature on the new ScotlandsPeople Centre, including details on how it will work and an exclusive review of the new computer system that is replacing the old DIGROS set up.

Deck the halls with bells of holly, folks - then pop to the newsagent and exhange £3.75 of Her Majesty's finest for a Christmas treat!

Oh - did I mention the free 2009 Diary?!


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