Monday, 10 November 2008

Coatbridge Irish Genealogy Project

The Coatbridge Irish Genealogy Project is a new web based project at , which is seeking to record the Irish contribution to the town's history. During the famine and its aftermath, hundreds of Irish families migrated to Lanarkshire, with many settling in Coatbridge (as well as Airdrie and New Monklands) to work at the mines and on the railways.

From the website, the project's goals are as follows:

To capture as many Coatbridge Irish family descendants as possible, with a view to uncovering their county of origin approximate year of migration and any stories relating to that Irishness that may have passed through generations.

Use the information as a tool for those researching their Coatbridge Irish ancestors.

Paint a historical picture of how individual Irish families made their way to Coatbridge.

If you would like to share your Irish ancestry from this area, please contact the project organiser, Michael Reilly, at .

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Bonnie Malmat said...

I had a good time going through this, especially seeing the photos.