Tuesday, 28 October 2008

1911 Irish Census delayed?

The National Archives of Ireland recently announced that the 1911 census for Kerry, Antrim and Down would be online in October, but it looks like this deadline may unfortunately be about to slip.

A user of the Your Family Tree magazine forum claims to have seen a temporary holding page on the main NAI website this week stating that the census release is to be pushed back to December 2008. The page which has been there for the last few months, announcing the October 2008 release for the aforementioned counties, does indeed appear to have been pulled, with the previous news page reinstated. This earlier page merely states that all records are to be released from December 2007, beginning with Dublin, clearly out of date as they have been online for nearly a year now.

Only three days left for October, so I guess we'll know soon enough!


It's official - this has just been posted on the NAI website:

The records for 1911 are being digitised first, then those for 1901. The 1911 Census records for Antrim, Down and Kerry will now be placed online in December, rather than October, as previously hoped. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience. Publication of the other counties will follow, in the order listed below, between then and mid-2009. More precise timescales will be posted when available.

Many thanks indeed to HMC at the Your Family Tree forum.


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