Monday, 1 September 2008

September 15th is a holiday in Edinburgh

Please note that September 15th is a local holiday in Edinburgh, and so all facilities at the GROS, National Archives and the new ScotlandsPeople Centre will be closed, as will the National Library of Scotland.

Speaking from personal experience, it is a real pain to travel all that way for no gain! Twice in the last two years - honestly, I'm determined to learn this year...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this comment. I just tried going down to my local Post Office parcel collection office. They were closed with no sign on the door. No mention of a holiday on their website.

Now, I'll go to work and see if the bus services to work are running or not (they have a weekend service on the Bank Holidays), and if my work is open or not (being a national organisation, they close on English bank holidays).

Chris Paton said...

I used towork for the BBC in Glasgow - they used to take English holidays as well, and it used to drive me spare, as my wife always got the Scottish ones! Mind you, when I did get the day off, it was usually quiet...! lol