Saturday, 27 September 2008

ScotlandsPeople provides new tool for brick wall research

We all know what it is like - we've gone through all the census entries and BDM certificates we can find, but we can't make the leap beyond one particular ancestor. Frustration turns to panic, we try the internet with no success, we even consider stealing someone else's ancestors, and then, as we realise how that would make us the biggest genealogical loser of all, we let vent with the biggest outpouring of emotion since John Knox decided to once have a wee word to the masses in a kirk in Perth...

Yup, the ancestral brick wall is the genealogist's biggest fear and crisis rolled into one. It can force marriages apart, insane babblings (with some unsightly drooling), and complete loss of self-esteem. One solution is to hire Scotland's Greatest Story to try and help with your dilemma - but there is another...!

Scotland's most thoughtful genealogical service provider has created a new solution - ladies and gentlemen, introducing the ScotlandsPeople chocolate bar!!!

It's brilliant. It tastes really good. It won't in any way actually solve your brick wall problem - but it will make you not care for five minutes!!!

I had absolutely no idea that SP had it's own chocolate bar. I was up in Edinburgh with my wife and boys for Doors Open Day, and I wanted to show them where I do a lot of research. The boys got to draw their own coats of arms in the NAS Historic search room, I caught up with a couple of friends who work in the GROS, had my first look around the new Adam Dome inside the NAS, which has undergone an amazing restoration, and after a trip to the castle and a local weaving museum on the Royal Mile, we all traipsed back to the train. As we sat down, my wife placed the shiniest bar of chocolate I've seen in a while on the table before me. It didn't last long!

So when you are thinking about coming over for Homecoming Scotland next year, or if you are local and stuck on a genealogical problem, the ScotlandsPeople chocolate bar is an absolute must!!!


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