Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rathlin Island website

If you have never been to Rathlin Island, and are planning on a trip to Northern Ireland, it is well worth a visit. A short journey by ferry from Ballycastle in County Antrim takes you to the island, known as 'Rachreann' in Gaelic and often referred to as the lowest of the Hebrides, where about a hundred people still live to this day. One of my earliest memories as a child is in watching a sunset one night looking out to sea towards Rathlin from Corrymeela. I spent many years hoping to travel there, and finally achieved my goal over ten years ago with my wife, my mother and I ending up on the island for a day trip. I'm definitely about due for a return trip!

One of those rare genealogical gems that we all like to come across once in a while is to be found at a website devoted to those with ancestors from Rathlin. Produced by Andy Keogh, it can be found at, and contains many trees, research resources and stories of those from the island.

If you come from Rathlin, you've earned my envy!

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