Monday, 15 September 2008

Prepare for the WAR!

The National Archives has just launched a new website designed to teach kids at the English key Stage 3 and 4 History level about the Second Word War, using a series of animated maps to show the progress made, with an accompanying narration. I have no idea what the equivalent Scottish teaching level is (my son is only in Primary 4 and I'm from Ulster!), but it doesn't matter - if your kids are studying World War 2, this site is quite simply brilliant and well worth getting them to visit, and you might want to have a sneaky look yourself!

It works like a sophisticated Dad's Army title sequence, is compressed to the core basics of events, but intelligently so. And if you fancy a break, you can leave it at the Home page, get a coffee, and make sure everyone sees the spinning green globe circling away on your screen - it's strangely addictive to just sit and look at! lol

This is an excellent resource, located at . Here's hoping World War One follows suit...

Nice one TNA...!

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