Saturday, 6 September 2008

Esther gets 6.2 million viewers

The Esther Rantzen episode of Who Do You Think You Are received 6.2 million vewers on Wednesday, but I wonder how many viewers actually enjoyed it? I personally found it to be the single worst episode of the entire five series, worse even than the Nigella Lawson episode - it was poorly edited with terrible pace, poorly directed with what came across as buckets full of insincerity, and was disgraceful in how it portrayed the so-called research techniques employed. (For the record, you don't need to visit a police museum to read old editions of the Times, it is online, and featuring a Holocaust sequence when the family had left Poland some eighty years before was, and I am now being at my most polite, questionable.)

A real pity, as this series so far has had some absolute crackers. The eye was definitely taken off the ball with this one. Hopefully the series will return to form next week.

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