Monday, 8 September 2008

Caledonia of Arbroath crew remembered

The crew of a Scottish brig, who died when their ship was wrecked off Cornwall in 1842, has been commemorated in a service in the Cornish village of Morwenstow. The Caledonia of Arbroath had been travelling from the Black Sea port of Odessa to Gloucester when she was smashed off the rocks beneath the village, with the loss of seven, possibly eight, members of her crew, with only one survivor. The ship's figurehead, which had previously marked the graves of the sailors lost in the tragedy, has also been repaired.

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tonycook153 said...

I've just read " The Wreck at Sharpnose Point" by Jeremy Seal. It's what you might call a 'dramatised documentary' about the event, what led up to it and what ensued. Worth a read though sometimes a little heavy-going. Corrects some of the myths and legends of that part of the world and brings accuracy to the contemporary stories. Book ref. is 910.452 SEA
Tony Cook, Morecambe, Lancs