Friday, 15 August 2008

Your Family Tree 68 on sale

The next issue of Your Family Tree (issue 68 September 2008) is now on sale, and is packed with genealogical goodies to gorge the soul...

This month's topics include the Great Fire of London, charity records, researching lawyers, finding money in the family, tracing non-conformist records, the dentist who embalmed his wife and put her on display (no kidding), whilst yours truly has written an article on how to research electoral records.

On the Scottish front, we're absolutely spoiled this month. On the free cover mounted CD, the 1861 Fife Directory is reproduced, and there is a Fife region guide by Archie Lumsden of Fife FHS. Scotland's Greatest Story's "Records of the Weavers of Perth Volume 1" receives a positive review, and genealogist David Webster makes the controversial point that the new ScotlandsPeople centre may be a step back - though not a point I would personally agree with! There is also a comprehensive four page user guide for those wishing to research their Scottish ancestry online, and the story of six year old Philip Nichol, who won a recent National Trust for Scotland competition that saw him as a guest of honour at the opening of the new Culloden visitor centre.

On sale now for just a few of Her Majesty's finest pounds, shillings and pence!


PS: Did I mention the crazy dentist who embalmed his wife and put her on display?! Worth it for that alone...!
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Chris Paton said...

Received from David Webster on 30 Jan 2010:

Just to set the record straight.

I have never made negative comments about the new SP centre other than to comment that the search engine is far from as good as that available on the DIGROS system at New Register House.

From the start it has been a widely held view, among both private and professional researchers, that the SP search engine is a backward step compared to DIGROS.

GROS have long since recognised this and have a programme of improvements in hand to bring the SP search engine up to the same standard as the DIGROS search engine. Hopefully this will be complete in the next few months.

The DIGROS search engine can still be accessed by requesting a searh place in the Dundas Room.

David W Webster
Jan 2010