Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Opportunity for Scottish FHSs

Calling all Scottish family history societies...!

The Federation of Family History Societies and the Society of Genealogists in England have jointly announced the creation of a Regional Theatre Workshop for the next Who Do You Think You Are LIVE next February in London. As the song goes, "It's a Long way to Tipperary", but as I am sure many of you are aware, it's also a bleedin' long way by car to London, and therefore quite expensive to have to pay for a stall, travel and accommodation in order to attend the event. This workshop is a new initiative that might therefore be attractive.

Essentially, the SOG and the FFHS are offering a stage for local FHSs from across Britain to supply a single representative who can give a presentation on their local areas, providing info to attendees on where to search for records, a bit of history, relevant websites, and of course, the FHSs in the area as well. After the talk, it is hoped that the speaker will then stay at the FFHS stall for a time as a point from which they can then deal with queries from the public following on from the talk. It is an excellent opportunity, and if you are interested in availing yourselves of it, please contact Else Churchill of the SOG at 020 7702 5488, or by e-mail at .

There is a deadline for applications which is September 30th. Having been on the phone to the FFHS's publicity officer Marian French yesterday, I know they are desperately keen to have more Scottish representation at the event, so this might be worth thinking about. If interested but unsure what WDYTYA might be able to offer, please do see my report on the event from May at and I'd be happy to offer a perspective on how the event worked, having spent two days there and having worked on one of the stalls.

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