Tuesday, 19 August 2008

FindmyPast parish marriage records released

An abridged version of a press release just issued by FindmyPast.com:

Online access to millions of nationwide parish marriage records pre- dating the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths UK family history website findmypast.com today announced it has added 3.2 million marriage records to its Parish Records Collection at http://www.findmypast.com/parish-records-collection-search-start.action?redef=0.

The new parish records, dating back to 1538, join the 15 million burial records already available to search on the site. The Parish Records Collection brings together in one easy-to-search central place the disparate records from local parishes, which have been collated by local family history societies since 1911, coordinated by the Federation of Family History Societies.

The registers are particularly valuable sources of information for people seeking to research their family tree back further than the civil records of birth, marriage and death, which began in 1837, and the nineteenth century censuses.

Thanks to the cross-database search facility at findmypast.com, you will be able to search for your ancestor by surname across all the parish records on the site without needing to know where in the country they came from, helping people to delve even deeper into their ancestors' pasts.

Over the coming months findmypast.com will be adding parish baptism records to the website too.


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