Saturday, 12 July 2008

Search for a lost poet

Fancy a genealogical mystery?

A second hand bookshop in Ayr is looking for details about the poet George Colburn, author of "Poems on Mankind and Nature", a book which turned up in its stock recently. To date, the shop's owner Chris Moorhouse has only found a review of the book, which was published in The Scotsman on 7 September 1891. Another clue to the family lies in a note which states that his nephew drowned off the coast of Italy in 1916.

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Anonymous said...


Please check your email.

I think I figured out who he was and who his family was. I sent the proof via email to you and (hopefully!) to the BBC and the charity shop in question.

Bonz (Bonnie Malmat)

Chris Paton said...

Hi Bonz,

I did a bit of digging myself, and we're on the same family! You have some of the earlier details of his life, I have some of the later, which I have e-mailed you back. I won't publish the findings here - Chris Moorhouse has had a few people get in touch, and we're all bringing something extra to the pot, which he is pulling together. Heck of a story!

Hope all is well!


Chris Paton said...

PS: I've forwarded your info onto Chris! lol :)