Tuesday, 29 July 2008

BBC1 recommissions Heir Hunters for third run for 2009

Also from the BBC Press Office...

Every year around 300,000 people die without leaving a will. If no-one is found to inherit their money it goes to Her Majesty's Treasury – and that's where the heir-hunting companies step in.

It's a competitive world for the heir-hunter organisations as they race against each other to find any long-lost relatives who might be entitled to inherit.

A new series of Heir Hunters will follow investigators from a number of different heir-hunting companies as they travel the country tracking down the unsuspecting beneficiaries of estates worth thousands of pounds.

This third series of the BBC One show will also tell the stories of some extraordinary cases of the last few years.

Controller of BBC Daytime, Liam Keelan, says: "Heir Hunters lifts the lid on this rarely seen world and follows the stories of the unsuspecting heirs, and has proved to be a subject that has struck a chord with viewers."

20 x 45 minutes have been ordered from Flame TV.

Series Editor for Flame is Matthew Gordon and the Executive Producer is Roger Bolton. Executive Producer for the BBC is Jacqueline Hewer.

The series is due for transmission in summer 2009.

Follow the tension, tears and triumphs in the world of this unique band of investigators in the third series of this observational documentary.

Companies wishing to take part in the series should email

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